Scott Weisse

Scott Weisse

With over 30 years of experience training both himself and others, Scott has a broad base of knowledge that encompasses every fitness modality. The self-described "anti-bodybuilder," Scott will help you build a physique that is both functional and athletic by improving strength, agility and mobility with exercises that transform your body composition at the same time.

A Scott Weisse Workout training regimen is:

  • Individually-tailored to meet your specific goals
  • Equally well-suited for men, women, young and older alike
  • Available at Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels
  • Always varied - never boring

The Scott Weisse Workout has produced award-winning results, so whether you're just getting started, or looking to maintain competition-level fitness, the Scott Weisse Workout is the way to go. Click here to apply for a FREE introductory session, or here to choose from one of the four basic programs.

You're not getting any fitter by reading this, so why waste time? A better body is just a click away...

  • Training at all fitness levels
    Training at all fitness levels
  • Get ready for the big event
    Get ready for the big event
  • Bernie Long - Award-winning Scott Weisse client
    "Scott has had a greater impact upon my life than any other person." - Bernie Long
  • Scott Weisse - Diversified training routines
    Diversified training routines
  • Bernie Long - "Over 70" Award-winner
    Bernie Long - "Over 70" Award-winner
  • Programs for all ages, shapes and sizes
    Programs for all ages, shapes and sizes

What's New...

Choose One of Our Four Different Training Levels

Four Training Levels

The Scott Weisse Workout is available at four different basic levels:

  • Platinum - Professional-level training for the ultimate in full-body fitness
  • Gold - The Gold Plan will get you in top-top shape, and keep you there
  • Silver - Ideal for "Weekend Warriors," the Silver Plan will keep you looking good... and feeling good
  • Bronze - If you're just getting started, the Bronze Plan will put you on the path to better overall fitness

All plans are individually tailored to your goals - man, woman, younger or older, the Scott Weisse Workout will get you where you want to go. Click here or on the image to get started right away! read more ››

10 Get-Pumped Tips from Personal Trainers

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Before I became a trainer, I thought fitness pros were more machine than mere mortal. Where else do they get the discipline and energy needed to keep themselves and their clients going strong, workout after grueling workout? (And, really, how else do you explain the awesomeness of Jillian Michaels?) Since joining the ranks, I realized how right I was, but not for reasons I'd thought. On a particularly long day, it's so easy to let those "but I don't feel like it" or "there's always tomorrow" excuses take over, so I've found that full-on autopilot is the way to go. I stop arguing with... read more ››

Body Sculpting Exercises for Men

It takes focused exercise to get defined abdominals. Photo Credit sexy athletic man image by MAXFX from


Many men find their way to the gym to strength train, and they perform the more traditional strength exercises such as chest press, lat pulldowns and squats. They gain good muscle and add size, but often don't know how to define their bodies. The popular areas where men want definition are the abs, triceps and glutes. Certain exercises can help refine these areas for a sculpted muscular physique.

Ab Strength

Getting definition in the abdominals requires more than hundreds of repetitions of the same old exercises, such as bicycle crunches or ab... read more ››