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About Scott

Scott Weisse - Personal Trainer

With over 30 years of experience training both himself and others, Scott has a broad base of knowledge that encompasses every fitness modality from which he has been able to distill and apply efficient, individualized, specific programming that delivers a pervasive adaptation to each of his clients. In other words, he knows what works and what doesn't because he has tried it all, and he achieves long lasting results without wasting time.

Scott understands my capabilities better than I do. And he knows how to show me some of my own capabilities I never knew I had.
- Bernie Long, Fitness "Over 70" award-winner

The self-described "anti-bodybuilder," Scott will help you build a physique that is both functional and athletic by improving strength, agility and mobility with exercises that transform your body composition at the same time. Having just entered his 50s himself he is particularly interested in training aging populations, and it his style of training that has enabled him to maintain a high level of fitness seen by few at his age and unmatched by many far younger. His demeanor and skills are suited to males and females of all types and ages however, and he has provided successful life-changing outcomes to every demographic.

If you want to be stronger, healthier, looking better, feeling better and living an overall improved quality of life, the Scott Weisse Workout will do wonders for you.

- Rob Ventre CPT CMS
  Personal Trainer-Strength Coach