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Choose One of Our Four Different Training Levels

Four Training Levels

The Scott Weisse Workout is available at four different basic levels:

  • Platinum - Professional-level training for the ultimate in full-body fitness
  • Gold - The Gold Plan will get you in top-top shape, and keep you there
  • Silver - Ideal for "Weekend Warriors," the Silver Plan will keep you looking good... and feeling good
  • Bronze - If you're just getting started, the Bronze Plan will put you on the path to better overall fitness

All plans are individually tailored to your goals - man, woman, younger or older, the Scott Weisse Workout will get you where you want to go. Click here or on the image to get started right away! read more ››

Study: Physical Fitness Linked to Brain Fitness

US News & World Report
New research shows being physically fit can improve the structure of brain matter that plays a role in learning.

More physically fit children had stronger brain tissue linked to cognition.

​Staying physically fit isn't just good for your health. It's also a good way to beef up your brain, according to new research.

Led by Laura Chaddock-Heyman, a research scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Beckman Institute, a team of researchers found greater aerobic fitness is associated with more fibrous and compact white matter, a type of nerve tissue connected to learning and brain function. Previous research has shown more compact white matter fibers can lead to... read more ››

10 Get-Pumped Tips from Personal Trainers

Womens' Health Magazine
10 Get Pumped-Up Tips from Personal Trainers

Before I became a trainer, I thought fitness pros were more machine than mere mortal. Where else do they get the discipline and energy needed to keep themselves and their clients going strong, workout after grueling workout? (And, really, how else do you explain the awesomeness of Jillian Michaels?) Since joining the ranks, I realized how right I was, but not for reasons I'd thought. On a particularly long day, it's so easy to let those "but I don't feel like it" or "there's always tomorrow" excuses take over, so I've found that full-on autopilot is the way to go. I stop arguing with... read more ››