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Training Programs

Choose from any of our four comprehensive plans to get on the path to full-body fitness. Scott puts the "personal" in "personal training" - each plan is individually tailored to your specific goals.

Weisse Workout Platinum Plan - $1,300/month*

(minimum three months)

The Weisse Workout Platinum Plan is a professional-level training regimen. It consists of:

  • Four (4) weekly sessions for a total of 16 per month
  • Round-the-clock guidance and support to keep your healthy lifestyle balanced and on-track
  • Individually-tailored Nutritional Plan
  • Mobility Program
  • Corrective exercises | Rehab/Pre-Hab Modalities

The Platinum Plan demands a minimum three-month commitment - but the results are astounding. If you're committed to the ultimate in fitness, then the Weisse Workout Platinum Plan is for you.


Weisse Workout Platinum Plan

Weisse Workout Gold Plan - $1,800 *

($700 off single-session price)

  • 20 Individual Sessions


Weisse Workout Gold Plan

Weisse Workout Silver Plan - $1,000*

($250 off single-session price)

  • 10 Individual Sessions


Weisse Workout Silver Plan

Weisse Workout Bronze Plan - $550*

($125 off single-session price)

The Weisse Workout Bronze Plan is a great way to get started on the path to personal fitness.

  • Five (5) starter sessions, and a customized program to follow on your own.


Weisse Workout Bronze Plan

Individual Sessions - $125 each*


*Gym/Spa training sessions. Contact Scott here for private, in-home rates.